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Food Service Water Treatment & Filtration

Improve Water Quality for Food Service

Water quality plays a crucial role in the food service industry. Not only does water quality determine the taste and quality of all beverages served, it also determines the operating efficiency and longevity of water fed food service equipment.

Steamers, combi-ovens, ice makers, produce-misters, coffee & tea equipment, hot water dispensers, bread proofers, and other food service equipment are all susceptible to water related problems caused by sediment, hard water (lime scale deposits), corrosion and chlorine.

KASCO can install, service, and maintain water treatment solutions to optimize your water quality. After a thorough inspection and water test we will recommend a treatment solution and set you up for success.

Water Water Everywhere

Produce misters, washing stations, steamers, ice, coffee, drinks; water touches so many aspects of food service and ultimately the health of your customers and community.

Regular tap water can contain a host of contaminants that greatly impact quality, taste, and safety.

Ensure the best water quality with treatment solutions from KASCO. We will test your water and recommend a system to address concerns.

Water Filtration

KASCO supplies and professionally installs water filtration systems on a wide variety of commercial food service equipment and in food preparation stations that require a clean, safe water supply. KASCO's premium commercial water filtration systems have been installed in thousands of food service chains, grocery stores, supermarkets, delis and bakeries.

Preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled filter changes by KASCO's professional technicians means you don't have to worry about replacing filters before they go bad. Perfect for water supply lines to ice machines, coffee makers, steamers, produce misters and more.

Hard Water Treatment

Corrosion from hard water can be a real pain in the pipes. The scale buildup can slow flow and build unwanted pressure in your water delivery system.

KASCO uses ScaleSafe Scale Sticks to prevent corrosion and lime scale (calcium carbonate) build-up from hard water and they control straining caused by the precipitation of iron and manganese.

ScaleSafe removes existing scale formed in pipes and water feed equipment while providing corrosion control in high temperature equipment.

Compared to the cost of standard water softening equipment, ScaleSafe provides a cost-efficient corrosion control and scale prevention system at a fraction of the cost.

Water Treatment Impact

Expand the lists below to see the types of equipment that benefit from water treatment.

Steamers, Combi-Ovens, Proofers

Did you know most equipment malfunctions associated with steamers & combi-ovens are water related? Poor water quality allows scale deposits to form, increases the potential for corrosion, and makes your equipment have to work harder.

KASCO food service water treatment can protect equipment from scale deposits and chlorine damage, prolonging equipment life. Effective water filtration can drastically reduce harsh de-liming procedures, which also increases equipment life. Reduced energy consumption and faster cook cycles save time and money.

Ice Making Equipment

The most frequent water related problems with ice machines are lime scale deposits, evaporator pitting, bin corrosion, and suspended solids plugging distribution tubes and float valves.

Quality water filtration equipment can significantly reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs for ice makers.

Coffee, Tea, & Espresso Equipment

The quality of your coffee depends on the quality of your water, full stop. Chlorine and hard water can ruin the taste of coffee and damage equipment.

KASCO is trusted by local and global coffee brands to reduce equipment repair costs and deliver the best-tasting water for coffee, tea, and espresso drinks.

Food Service Systems

  • Produce misters
  • Soda Machines
  • Food Humidifiers
  • Hot Water Dispensers
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Distillers
  • Misting Systems

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